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Welcome to shop.portacool.com. Portacool has been the industry leader in portable evaporative cooling equipment since 1990 and our continued growth is due to the high quality, effective machines we provide. Here you can find Portacool evaporative cooler parts for all our Portacool units. As with all industrial machinery, certain parts can wear out over time with regular to heavy usage. But when you shop from Portacool, there’s no need to buy an entirely new portable evaporative cooler. We make it easy to find and replace parts in your current cooling equipment. Shop by category, by types of parts, or search the exact part number. For help installing your replacement part, take a look at our How-To Guides.


Quality Accessories

Portacool portable evaporative coolers have a selection of accessories available to protect and even enhance your investment.

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Our evaporative coolers are cost-effective, they’re portable, and they operate on nothing more than a small power draw and tap water. No expensive installation, or ductwork.


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